Sarah Lynn Cunningham
Teaching & Facilitation
Sarah Lynn is an educator experienced in reaching wide
audiences, from K-12 to adult professionals.  Her work
involves communicating technical topics into audience
appropriate—and, in some cases, cross-cultural—terms, be
it teaching science to students, promoting pollution
prevention and energy efficiency to CEOs, translating
regulations for field personnel or demonstrating real-world
applications of lessons to educators.  She is also
experienced in the facilitator-moderator role.  

Example activities and work product:
  • Created the
    lesson plan for River Fields, Inc; and the Louisville Water
    Company's Adventures in Water festival, May 2008.

  • Created and operated the interdisciplinary, educational
    field-trip program for 5th graders, After We Flush, offered
    at the Ellen Swallow Richards Ecology Learning Center,
    located at a specially designed
    wastewater treatment plant,
    including lesson plans,
    assessments and other teaching
    aids, based on core content,
    Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive
    Skills and multiple intelligences;
    won an award from the national
    Association of Metropolitan
    Sewerage Agencies

  • KY Institute for Art Education, 23 June 2004, “Integrating
    Art and Poetry into Environmental Science Curricula”

  • Festival of Faiths, 2003-2013, various presentations,
    from environmental ethics for middle school students to
    energy efficiency for houses of worship

  • Cunningham, S. L., PE, “Encouraging Women to Become
    Scientists,” Today’s Woman, January 2003.  Also,
    presented to “Women in Science Begins in Grade
    School” programs

  • Wrote the                                                   , published by
    the national Water Environment Federation, 2002, to
    assist middle- and high-school teachers and students with
    researching their community’s environmental history, to
    connect social studies and science.  Taught concurrent
    sessions of 2002 “WEFTeach” program for teachers.

  • American Society of Civil Engineers, KY Section, annual
    meeting, 3 October 2003, “How to teach engineering to
    middle school students”

  • Guest lectured in the following University of Louisville
    graduate courses for educators:

  • Geography for Educators
  • Teaching Elementary Science Methods
  • Integrating Mathematics and Social Studies
  • Urban and Rural Watersheds (Secondary Education)
  • Geography Matters (Secondary Education)
  • 2004 Summer Teacher Academy
Aqua Venturer Teachers Guide
John James Audubon and Habitat Protection
  • Assisted with redesign and delivery of the 2008
                                           Summer Math & Science Program
Lincoln Foundation

  • Introduction to Green Design
  • Avoiding the Unintended Consequences of Poorly
    Planned Growth
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  • University of Louisville courses for the University of
    Louisville's                                                        ,    
    unless otherwise noted:

  • Taught CEE 309—Intro to Environmental
    Engineering, SUM 13
  • Taught CEE 681—Green Engineering and
    Sustainable Development, SPR 13
  • Developed and taught interdisciplinary Honors
    Scholars Seminar, HON 341/HON 351--
    Designing Greener, SPR 11
  • Assisted with development and delivery of new
    course, CEE 590/694--Green Design &
    Sustainable Development, SPR 08
J.B. Speed School of Engineering