Sarah Lynn Cunningham
Teaching & Facilitation
Sarah Lynn is a state-certified environmental educator
experienced in reaching wide audiences, from K-12 to adult
professionals.  Her work involves communicating technical
topics into audience appropriate—and, in some cases,
cross-cultural—terms, be it teaching science to students,
promoting pollution prevention and energy efficiency to
CEOs, translating regulations for field personnel or
demonstrating real-world applications of lessons to
educators.  She is also experienced in the facilitator-
moderator role.  Example activities and work product:
  • Created the
    lesson plan on behalf of River Fields, Inc; ticipating in the
    Louisville Water Company's Adventures in Water festival,
    May 2008.

  • Created and operated the interdisciplinary, educational
    field-trip program for 5th graders,                         , at a
    learning center (named for                                        )
    located at a wastewater treatment plant, including lesson
    plans, assessments and other teaching aids, based on
    core content, Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Skills and
    multiple intelligences; won a national Association of
    Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies award

  • KY Institute for Art Education, 23 June 2004, “Integrating
    Art and Poetry into Environmental Science Curricula”

  •                                   , 11-13 November 2003, Louisville, KY,
    six sessions on environmental ethics to middle school

  • Cunningham, S. L., PE, “Encouraging Women to Become
    Scientists,” Today’s Woman, January 2003.  Also,
    presented to “Women in Science Begins in Grade
    School” programs

  • Wrote the                                                   , published by
    the national Water Environment Federation, 2002, to
    assist middle- and high-
    school teachers and
    students with researching
    their community’s
    environmental history, to
    connect social studies
    and science.  Taught
    concurrent sessions of
    2002 “WEFTeach”
    program for teachers.

  • American Society of Civil Engineers, KY Section, annual
    meeting, 3 October 2003, “How to teach engineering to
    middle school students”

  • Guest lectured in the following University of Louisville
    graduate courses for educators:

  • Geography for Educators
  • Teaching Elementary Science Methods
  • Integrating Mathematics and Social Studies
  • Urban and Rural Watersheds (Secondary Education)
  • Geography Matters (Secondary Education)
  • 2004 Summer Teacher Academy
Aqua Venturer Teachers Guide
  • Authorized trainer for                              ,
    based on An Inconvenient Truth
  • Assisted in the coordination and delivery of the new
    UofL                                                  graduate course,
    "Green Design and Sustainable Development" (CEE
    590), Spring 08 semester
John James Audubon and Habitat Protection
After We Flush
Ellen Swallow Richards
Festival of Faiths
Speed School of Engineering
  • Assisted with redesign and delivery of the 2008
                                           Summer Math & Science Program
Lincoln Foundation
  • Conducts webinars for the American Society of Civil
Introduction to Green Design
Avoiding the Unintended Consequences
of Poorly Planned Growth . . .
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Sample Educational Graphics
  • Taught an Honors Scholars Seminar on green design at
    the University of Louisville, SPR 2011 semester